Monday, June 15, 2009

Amp Magazine Apr/May 2009

I found out from a friend that AMP Magazine was using one of my Wait In Vain pictures in their most recent issue. So for the past month I have been on the hunt trying to find the magazine & I finally found it last week at a Barnes & Noble in Chicago.

This is pretty exciting for me since this is the first time I have had anything printed in any sort of big name magazine.
My picture is the live shot on the right hand side.
AMP Magazine Apr/May 2009

Last night while laying in bed trying to sleep I decided to google myself. I do it every so often just for fun & if you try to say you haven't done it at least once you are a damn liar.
So while googling around I came across one of my pictures being used in the Epitaph blog.
It's one of the shots I took of Bring Me The Horizon on the Taste of Chaos tour back in March.
You can check out it out below...

And while I am on the topic of music photography I have some work appearing in EAT Music Magazine from Japan at the end of the month. They are doing a spread on the Burning Fight Book Release show that I shot the first weekend of May & will be using some of my pictures.
As soon as I get a copy of that I will scan it & post it up.


Stephen said...

Congrats on getting your stuff printed in that mag! Did anyone ask your permission to use it?

The PR girl at AMP is incredibly nice, but they don't seem to have their shit together. I did an interview with Death Before Dishonor that was printed and they never even sent me a copy after requesting one numerous times. Poor practice.

Christopher Z said...


I found out from Timm (Wait In Vain/Trial) that they were using my picture.

Sadly this was before I was watermarking my pictures so it was taken from flickr and credit was not given. I am a little bummed that I didn't get credit but at least I knew about it and was able to find a copy.

I found a back issue and to be honest I am a bit iffy on some of the photo/printing quality. Some of the pictures looked like they were not 300 dpi and were quite pixelated. A picture here and there I understand but not the cover.