Saturday, November 29, 2008

SKY 11.25.08

SKY 11.25.08, originally uploaded by xChrisZx.

On Tuesday I was out & about doing some last minute grocery shopping & preparing for our Vegan Thanksgiving get together.

While driving home from Chesterton I drove past this wide open field area & the way the sun was shining just looked beautiful. So I quickly drove home, grabbed my camera, drove back & snapped off a few shots.

Luckily everything was still the same when I got back.

I have decided that I need to keep my camera & at least one lens on me at all times. I can't afford to miss something like this.

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Vitanza Family 11.13.08

Vitanza Family 11.13.08, originally uploaded by xChrisZx.

For those who didn't catch my blog a couple of weeks ago Monica & I were in Austin, TX doing some work / taking a small vacation.

While were down there Monica's aunt scheduled a family session for us & it turned out wonderful.

I posted a small handful of my favorites HERE.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Reggies Rock Club 11.21.08

I have a whole bunch of editing & prepping the house for Vegan Thanksgiving so this is just going to be a short & sweet post today.

Cruel Hand
Reggies Rock Club
Chicago, Il

Myspace - More Pictures
H2O 11.21.08

Myspace - More Pictures
BANE 11.21.08

Cruel Hand
Myspace - More Pictures
Cruel Hand 11.21.08

Myspace - More Pictures
Energy 11.21.08

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Just a few updates...

Well if you didn't know Monica & I were in Austin, Tx last week doing some photo work. Monica has some family down there so we stayed with them.
We ended up doing a family session, two corporate shoots & a lot of relaxing.

I of course did some records shopping on the trip. I really can't go anywhere with buying records. Yes I am a nerd. Here's a link to my TRADE LIST for anyone that might be interested.

So I have a whole bunch of editing & updating to do over the next week.

This Friday I am shooting Bane again in Chicago.

On Sunday Monica leaves for her Mexico wedding.

We do Vegan Thanksgiving every year at our house on Thanksgiving day so that will be happening again.

Then we go to HAWAII on Dec. 3rd to the 10th!

So there is a lot going on so be ready for some very big updates!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Beat Kitchen 11.09.08

Last night Monica & I jam packed our car with some friends & went into Chicago to check out a show at The Beat Kitchen. Of course before the show we grabbed some Veggie Bite.

The Line up was (with myspace & picture links)

Convicted - Pictures

Let Down - Pictures

Blacklisted - Pictures

Ceremony - Pictures

Have Heart - Pictures

You can check out all the pictures HERE.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Elenora 11.01.08

Elenora 11.01.08, originally uploaded by xChrisZx.

I got a call from my friend Nathen (who I have known since 2nd grade) telling me that his band is playing in Lake Station, IN & I should come check them out. Since I don't see Nathen very often & I had nothing else to do I packed up my camera, hopped in the car & went to the Lake Station Eagles Club.

To put it simple Elenora is a metal band. They have one demo song on their myspace & they are recording a new demo very soon. The song on their myspace page is defiantly not a good example of what they sound like now. To be honest it isn't very good. So bookmark their page & give them time to record their new demo & check back later.

You can check them out on myspace HERE.
You can see the rest of their pictures HERE.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hope & Adam 10.26.08

Hope & Adam 10.26.08, originally uploaded by xChrisZx.

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Amanda & Adam 10.25.08

Amanda & Adam 10.25.08, originally uploaded by xChrisZx.

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