Thursday, November 20, 2008


Just a few updates...

Well if you didn't know Monica & I were in Austin, Tx last week doing some photo work. Monica has some family down there so we stayed with them.
We ended up doing a family session, two corporate shoots & a lot of relaxing.

I of course did some records shopping on the trip. I really can't go anywhere with buying records. Yes I am a nerd. Here's a link to my TRADE LIST for anyone that might be interested.

So I have a whole bunch of editing & updating to do over the next week.

This Friday I am shooting Bane again in Chicago.

On Sunday Monica leaves for her Mexico wedding.

We do Vegan Thanksgiving every year at our house on Thanksgiving day so that will be happening again.

Then we go to HAWAII on Dec. 3rd to the 10th!

So there is a lot going on so be ready for some very big updates!

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