Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hawaii 12.08.08

Well here are the rest of the Hawaii pictures as promised & of course looking at these makes me wish spring was already here. I am really dying to get out on my motorcycle & cruise for hours.

The first set of pictures are from Manoa Falls.

Yes that is bamboo. There are times on the hike where you are completely surrounded by it.

You can see the rest of the Manoa Falls pictures HERE.

After we hiked at Manoa Falls we drove around Oahu not sure of what to do & we stumbled upon Lanai Lookout. It was probably one of my favorite parts of the whole trip.
If you are a fan of LOST you might recognize Lanai Lookout. If you check out this site LOST Virtual Tour they compare clips of the movie to tourist pictures.

You can see the rest of the Lanai Lookout pictures HERE.

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Ashley said...

These are so great.. You have amazing talent. I'm so glad we have you and Monica as our wedding photographers!