Monday, February 9, 2009

Kat & Cody 02.07.09

How weird is it that we will get a foot of snow on Tuesday & on Saturday have 55 degree temps? Well that's the Midwest for you.

Since we had such great weather we met up with Kat & Cody & went to Silver Beach in St. Joe, MI.

The following is quoted from Monica's blog...
We started on the pier which was very slushy and moved out to the shelf ice which can actually be very dangerous & I DO NOT advise venturing out on to. It was not scary at the time because it had not been thawing for more than 2 or 3 days. But in hindsight I cant believe we were so bold. So needless to say I doubt that we will be doing sessions like this regularly, if ever again. It might look solid, but the ice can be hollow sometimes & you can fall through and break yourself! The area we walked on was probably about 15 feet up off the natural sand bottom. I do have to say though that it looks pretty amazing!

Check out the rest of the pictures HERE.

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Robyn said...

great e-session chris, i love the last one! my fave ;)